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Who We Are

Who We Are

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We are the musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra—musicians who share a proud tradition and history with those who have come before us since the orchestra’s creation in 1887, with those who remain with us and with those who are yet to join our ensemble. The orchestra has been and remains the state’s preeminent cultural institution and symbol of musical excellence through it’s concerts, recordings, touring and broadcasts.

This is the website of the musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. We wish to state clearly that this is not the website of the corporation or management of the DSO.

In the contents that follow, you will read of the passion that drives us as musicians…of the enjoyment we experience playing with our colleagues, some of the country’s very best musicians, and playing as an ensemble that melds all of us as one.

You will read of the duty we all feel, to safeguard—not just for now, but for future generations—the quality, the tradition, the excellence of this world-class orchestra. And to resist any efforts from within or without that would erode that excellence.

So … thank you for your support and thank you for your ovations.

– The Musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra